No energy!

I'm sorry for my absent blogging lately. It is not lack of thought, but rather lack of time. School is pulling on all the energy it can. All the teachers are talking about this being the important final run-up for "the rest of our lives". I try to be positive and live life with passion and life-spark, but deep inside I am a modernist in denial. Constantly in the disappointing battle between ideal and reality, fighting against the inner destructive powers of melancholy. It feels quite ambivalent! But that being said I am really happy and living the good life! It is quite hard to find a good balance between school and social, but all the social activites boosts the day and helps me through the hard stuff. So even though I've got no energy left by the end of the day, I sure can say that I seized the day! =) Have a great weekend, I'm off to a countrywide russ-arangement in Kongeparken in Stavanger!

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